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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Our company composed of 2,600 employees coming from the different subsidiaries had our Christmas Party last Friday. We were assigned colors to wear so each company is properly identified. Everyone looks forward to this occasion every year because it gives them a chance to win big cash & in-kind prizes which are raffled off. Other than this, they also get to meet the employees of the other companies.

After all the Christmas greetings from the senior executives of each company and the President/CEO, the emcees started calling representatives from each company to present their dance & choral numbers plus to display our entry to the Nativity Set Contest. It was exciting to see all of them showing off their talents. Just like in the previous years, the company of which I head garnered all 3 major awards again. Congratulations to my team for an excellent job.

In the midst of all our jubilation, a senior executive of our sister company started raising her objections to the results of the contests. She started complaining to the top of her voice at the judges. She refused to listen to their explanations and worse, she threatened to walk out and bring her whole delegation with her. Good thing, her team didn't see it the same way she did, so they stayed put and enjoyed the rest of the program.

What happened to her message of joy and peace earlier? Just shows she doesn't WALK HER TALK. What a shock! What a shame!
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