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Thursday, December 22, 2005
Yipee!!! I Have A Great Team

As part of our tradition, Christmas time in our company is a time of sharing, of caring, of reaching out to those who are less fortunate than ourselves. It is a time when we put aside individual selfish attitudes and emphasize the community, the spirit of togetherness.

This year, aside from the foodstuff and the Christmas Party we give them, we organized a Christmas Caroling Activity. A group of children from the depressed barangays of our neighboring towns is made to sing Christmas carols in the lobby of our company. Each department is made to adopt a group through the holiday season by feeding them, giving them clothes, toys, reading materials and foodstuff. They are also given cash aside from what they get in the collection box.

It is really a touching gesture. It brings us joy to see the expression in their faces. So the employee's association resolved do more to share with the poor and the needy among us not only during Christmas time.

Each department volunteered to adopt a barangay for the entire 2006. I am very happy to note that they gave themselves, not as an obligation, but as a desire. This expression of positive values and attitudes among my staff serves to improve the quality of our social exchanges, enrich our spirits and enhance the quality of our lives. I am truly proud of all of you!!!
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