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Sunday, July 30, 2006

... live and let live with peace, prosperity and healthy thoughts

filling both my conscious and subconscious mind.
Jennifer O'Dell

All of us have experienced tragedies, trials and tribulations in our lives. Those unpleasant memories are still retained just below the surface of our subconscious, and tend to affect our well-being if we let them.

To remove these negative images, we must expend a great effort to reprogram our conscious minds to eliminate them.

Lethargy can become a stumbling block in the process. For example by saying to ourselves, "I'm too tired to do anything about it," can cause our subconscious to cease working on ridding us of these negative thoughts.

But if we say instead, "Life's given me the opportunity to use my talents in so many areas that I am able to sleep less in order to be of more service to others. Every day, I celebrate that I am alive."

Such a positive attitude leaves no room for negative thoughts to reappear. Instead, they disappear. We become the master allowing no past thoughts to becloud our efforts or our judgments. It is our choice.

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