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Friday, January 27, 2006
At 8 A.M. tomorrow, my best friend who was diagnosed to have papillary cancer (thyroid) 20 years ago underwent hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) 2 years ago due to a malignant mass. Now the cancer cells have metastasized to her colon and rectum. She is scheduled to undergo an exploratoy laparotomy to remove the multiple malignant masses in her abdomen tomorrow at 8 A.M. I know she is spiritually prepared for any eventuality but I still would like to offer this prayer for her.


Dear St. Peregrine, I need your help.
I feel so uncertain of the life of Lucy right now.
This serious illness makes me long
for a sign of God's love.
Help her to imitate your enduring faith
when she faces the ugliness
of cancer and surgery.
Allow her to trust the Lord
the way you did in
this moment of distress.
I want her to be cured,
but right now I ask God for the
strength to bear the cross in her life.
I seek the power to proclaim
God's presence in her life
despite the hardship, anguish, and fear
she now experiences.

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  • At 1/27/2006 1:00 AM, Blogger Chrixean

    Father God, we also ask that you take away whatever pain and discomfort this illness brings to Lucy. Grant her the grace to endure despite the suffering, increase her faith in your power to heal and to make all things new. Please place your healing hand upon Lucy today, touch her, embrace her, let her feel your immense love. We surrender her to you, Lord, in Jesus' name. Amen.

  • At 1/27/2006 11:14 AM, Blogger Meow

    Sending my prayers and best wishes to Lucy. Take care, Meow

  • At 1/27/2006 6:53 PM, Blogger Connie and Rob

    My thoughts and prayers are with your friend Lucy.


  • At 1/28/2006 12:57 AM, Blogger Trinity13

    I'll def be praying that it went well!

  • At 1/29/2006 10:39 PM, Blogger The Mistress of the Dark

    Sending some more prayers your friends way.

    Here via Michele's.