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Sunday, August 06, 2006
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This week: I will "flip on" the light of faith
and walk through my fears without hesitation.
Jennifer O'Dell

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One of the biggest obstacles in life is overcoming change. Fear prohibits us from growing into mature, healthy human beings. What causes us to limit our vision is "lack of faith."

Being untouchable and unanswerable, faith is a nebulous quality, difficult to grasp and to utilize for our own benefit.

However, we can often "see" the results of faith working in many areas of our daily life. Just the mere fact of our existence proves that someone or something was believed in.

And what about some of the intangible things we take for granted? Electricity, for example. Most of us haven't the foggiest notion of how the physicis of light works. Yet, daily by just flipping a swtich, a room is suffused in a warm glow revealing to us that we have faith in the miracle of light.

If we intuitively knew that any endeavor we pursued in life would materialize, like light when we "flipped a switch," wouldn't we seize the opportunity without any hesitation to act upon it? That is faith.

Without faith, we will always remain the same. We will not change.

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