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Saturday, January 06, 2007

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This Week's Theme - MEMORY

This is my dad. He is of Irish and Japanese descent and was born here in the Philippines in 1910. His father was assigned to head the English shipyard in Cavite and on his way to the Philippines, he passed by Japan and this is where he met my grandmother. Daddy was an architect by profession and he was the head of a construction department of the biggest sugar mill in our country. He worked for this company from 1945 up to 1998. He was forced to stopped working because he figured in an accident wherein he broked his femur. He underwent surgery but because he was 88 years old at that time, healing was not that very good. He did not respond to therapy as well as we expected so he moved around with a walker and cane for almost 2 years. At age 90, he stopped walking. He could only move down from bed to his bedside chair but other than that he was very healthy. In January 7, 2002, he woke up bothered by a phlegm in his throat that he was finding difficult to clear so I sent him medicines to take. A few minutes after taking the pill, he coughed and just leaned on my mom's shoulder and that moment he stopped breathing. By the time the ambulance and I got to him he was already dead. He will be celebrating his 5th death anniversary tomorrow and just like the past years, the entire family will be around to commemorate it by gathering together and praying.

To Daddy, you are missed a lot especially when there are projects that my grandson need in school. I used to remember how you would stay up late doing it for me and my siblings and later on for my daughter. We were always getting awards in school for the work you have done for us. I am happy to let you know that my daughter has taken after you. She has been able to do the same for her son now and just like you, he too has been winning awards for her work.

Daddy we love you dearly!

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