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Wednesday, November 07, 2007
Call "TIME OUT" and Adjust Your Course!
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Have you ever in your life called a "time out" to reflect on what has been working for you and to put an end to what isn't? Maybe not recently. Don't you think it's time to do so because we have become so entrenched in habits which are not moving in the direction of our goals?

Have you observed patterns in your life? Most of us have a particular type of "luck" - good or bad - that is with us all the time. Take time to pay attention to these recurring events because it's telling us something.

There are actually no accidental patterns. There is something inside us that attracts certain people and events into our life. Just like an office colleague who told me yesterday that she constantly feels being put down by our co-workers. This I think reveals that, at some level, she believed she deserved to be treated in this manner.

One of the most destructive thing we can do according to Jeff Keller, author of the article "Full Life On Line" is to deny that we are responsible for creating the patterns in our own life. Blaming external factors such as other people or the economy of the country for our problems, will just make us frustrated and remain stuck to the situation.

So whether or not we notice any patterns, it is best that we call a time out on a regular basis. Examine what is wrong and what isn't then make the necessary adjustments.

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