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Saturday, July 15, 2006

This Week's Theme: DOOR

Taken in front of the Immaculate Conception Church
in Dasmariñas Cavite, Philippines last April 8, 2006

The door behind the four beautiful people is made of narra( red sandalwood) whose scientific name is Pterocarpus indicus. The narra timber is used for high class furniture and cabinets, decorative sliced veneer, interior wall paneling, feature flooring (including strip and parquet), musical instruments, gun stocks, rifle butts, turned articles, knife handles, boat building and specialised joinery.

In the Philippines export of narra wood was 3 million kg in 1985, declining to 2.3 kg in 1986 (57% processed) and 430,000 kg in 1987 (all processed). From that time export has been negligible and at present there is a total cutting ban on the species.

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