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Thursday, October 26, 2006

What Photobucket - Video and Image Hostingis thankful for this week

> Last Friday was the culminating activity of our hospital's 30th anniversary and we had a fun night. The school's auditorium which could accommodate more than a 1000 guests was filled up. Decorations, sound system and food were all excellently prepared. I thank very much the organizing committee for everything.

> Also the same evening , the Chairman and CEO of the hospital handed to me the "Leadership Award". I was truly surprised because this is the first time an award of this kind was given in the 30 years of existence of the hospital. As I was reflecting later, I realized that my success as a leader is strengthened by changing old destructive behaviors and sustaining my positive moral nature. I tried very much through the years to incorporate positive thoughts and actions into my daily behavior. I began to achieve true happiness and content in my heart when I started to inventory my life, noting every attribute that I possess and every detrimental fault that I am aware of. I cleansed my soul of its past and put into action a plan for a new life. By acknowledging my weakness as well as my strengths, I was able to map out a strategy that brought me the serenity I have been serarching for. To all the hospital staff thank you for the support you have been extending to all my programs and projects.

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