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Thursday, September 28, 2006
What VIAMARIE is thankful for

... that our little angel has finally arrived and for that I am deeply grateful to our dearly beloved Father for making my daughter undergo a safe delivery through caesarean section. I of course would have preferred a normal delivery but after almost two hours of being fully dilated, her obstetrician decided to a C-section because baby was showing signs of distress.

...that my daughter was able to go through the whole pregnancy and delivery process without any complications considering that she has a thyroid problem and at the same time a heart condition (mitral valve prolapse).

...that my granddaughter who is 7.10 lbs gave out a very loud cry which gave her a perfect apgar scroe of 10.

...that my son-in-law was at my daughter's side all throughout the process to lend his undying support and taking pictures of every step of the process.

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