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Sunday, January 01, 2006
How many Christmases and New Years have you gone through? Can you really say that each year is different? What difference does one Christmas or a new year bring you? There is a tendency to celebrate each Christmas and each New Year like opening a it...and then closing the parecenthesis and we go back to the same old way. I think the challenge of each of this two celebrations is to reflect whether we PROGRESSED or our relationship with God, with others and with ourselves....whether we made a difference in our lives and those of others.....whether we've been productive or not...

For this year I can say I was able to:
1. have JOY when those around were discouraged & discontented
2. exude PEACE when those around were anxious
3. practice PATIENCE when those around were hurried and frantic
4. reach out in KINDNESS when those around were difficult
5. demonstrate SELF-CONTROL when those around had none
6. stand in FAITHFULNESS when those around had no commitment
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  • At 1/01/2006 9:12 AM, Blogger FRIDAY'S CHILD

    Today is the start of year 2006. Of course dear sis, every year is different. Celebration is different although the manner on how it is being celebrated is the same. Looking at the aspect of my life, I don't think I would like to reflect the differences that every year brings to me. Of course good memories may never fade but reflecting on my past, I try not to. Will just live and move on as the days go on with value and vision together as soul mates and my charm and amulet in fighting against my feng shui this year, which according to the Chinese Calendar is not very good.
    Value and vision are just like us and our hubbies coz vision without value has no meaning. Value without vision have no direction. Together, value and vision are a potent force that turns crisis into opportunity, disaster into prosperity and certain defeat into lasting victory. Think this is enough charm/amulet for my feng shui?