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Sunday, February 19, 2006

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Dream Of A Child

Hello, my little darling,

I can feel you start to move inside,

you fill my heart with so much love,

you fill my very soul with pride.

This was thirty two years ago,

it was late evening, nearly midnight,

it was then I started to dream,

about what life has in store for you:

I dreamt that you'd graduated,

so you must have been about eighteen,

and you'd grown into such a fine woman,

in fact, one of the finest ever seen.

You were a terrific artist,

you'd reach to enormous heights,

and your beauty and your character,

were only two of your many strengths.

You had such a gentle spirit,

so warm hearted and full of grace,

a quietly focused achiever,

a gentle determined look upon your face.

You were my only child,

but still, I felt so wonderfully blessed,

to have any child is a blessing,

but it's so wonderful to have the very best.

Like most good things in life,

that dream it had to end,

and mothers don't have extraordinary daughters,

even less have their daughter as a very good friend.

But my friend and extraordinary Peachy,

dreams they can come true,

and I no longer have to dream asleep,

because I'm awake and looking at you.

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