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Thursday, September 21, 2006

What I am thankful for this week...

...for the small voice that guides my life.

I know all of us have in one way or another experience extremely difficult and trying periods in our lives. For me, it is my worklife and it has made me sometimes feel helpless and lost. The very big responsibility on my shoulder has started to take its toll on me especially so because I am in my post menopausal stage. There were days that my entire waking hours were spent searching for the "perfect answer" to my dilemmas. So much effort was expended on "what to do" that my feelings get lost in the midst of my intellect. It's good that I have this gratitude journal because when I experience trials and tribulations, writing on this journal, without a doubt, stops me so abruptly in my tracks that I am more able to focus on the present instead of the past or future. When I stop worrying and start thanking and praying, the "perfect answer" appears. It is then that I realize that the answer to my problems is not found when I chaotically search for it. Instead, it comes when I am quiet long enough to hear in the stillness that follows, the whisper.

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