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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Today I received a sweet smile from my grandson, NICKY. I cherish that look that he saves for special times.

I only have one child, a sweet, talented and beautiful daughter. And then seven years ago God saw fit to bless us with a male. He is a perfect little grandson who captured us all immediately. We soon learned that NICKY doesn't enjoy the cooing, loving and cuddling that a girl shares. Instead, he has a rare special smile that tugs at my heart. Most of the time he is a rough and tumble boy, but when especially pleased or happy, NICKY sends you this most gorgeous smile. In his seven years I have found myself watching his face often for that special smile.

Today, as we all handed him our birthday gifts, his face lit with that smile that melts my heart. In the same way, I love it when God smiles down on me. Just as I pleased NICKY with a small gift, God is pleased when we seek Him with our whole heart. Communicate with Him in prayer, study and obey his Word and God will bless us with His divine favor and peace in our lives.

A smile from my only grandson and a smile from my heavenly Father make a perfect day for me!

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Lots & lots of Image hosting by Photobucket kisses for you!!!

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