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Thursday, February 15, 2007

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As I was walking in the garden this morning, thoughts of what transpired these past days made me sit down to reflect on life. Three of my friends are in turmoil. One who has been in remission for colon cancer is experiencing a lot of pain now. Another, my secretary who resigned months ago to work on her travel papers so she could work overseas lost the opportunity to do so when she failed to show up on the day of her departure because her mom was rushed to the hospital for leukemia. Another friend just separated from her husband leaving her with a huge financial obligation. I too am in turmoil. My job has started to become very complicated with the son of my boss joining our team. The staff is now getting confused because they are receiving orders from two heads now. Since he is the son of the owner, they can’t refuse his instructions which are most of the time in conflict with mine.

As I was reflecting, I was reminded of the gift of hope. With hope I can be eternally optimistic. When I get sick, I have hope that I’ll get better. When I’m separated from a loved one, the gift of hope keeps me moving forward, one step at a time, toward a new life. When I don’t get the job I have longed for, the gift of hope buoys me through the hunt for the next one.

Like the circle of life, the gift of hopes returns again and again to carry me like a boat on the water to safer territory. Hope is the cushion that keeps me sane when the waves crash down upon me. What a marvelous treasure, this gift of hope!

LORD, thank you for the gift of hope that carries me through the rough times and spurs me on the action of problem-solving.


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  • At 2/15/2007 9:20 AM, Anonymous chelle

    The gift of hope is truly amazing! Hang in there!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  • At 2/15/2007 10:48 AM, Blogger Barbara

    Happy V-Day ViaMarie. I hope things get better for you and your friends.

  • At 2/15/2007 6:03 PM, Anonymous chic

    I agree. Aside from hope, our will and determination also carries us through the rough times.

  • At 2/15/2007 8:47 PM, Blogger Connie

    You are a very wise lady. Hope is strongly used by all of us. Without it there wouldn't be much purpose.

    I hope you and your friends have better days ahead of you.


  • At 2/16/2007 7:41 AM, Blogger Lazy Daisy

    Hugs and prayers for you and your friends. Beautiful post and lovely arrangement of flowers. Know that better days are coming.

  • At 2/16/2007 9:13 AM, Blogger Looney Mom

    Wow. Just knowing that there are so many others out there suffering like that SHOULD make me thankful. I hope your job situation gets better and that your friends' lives are touched by God's hand.

  • At 2/16/2007 1:53 PM, Blogger Malinda777

    Hope burns eternal. As those doors slam in your face, keep an eye out for the opening windows.

    You were looking for a job when you found this one, if it's causing you turmoil...start looking.

    Shoot for the moon, if you fall... so what! You just might land on a star.

  • At 2/17/2007 2:19 AM, Blogger Alix

    I'm new to Thankful Thursday and came to your blog from Sting My Heart. What a candid and thought-provoking post! I'm so sorry your friends are having such hardships and heartaches and that you're having difficulty now in your job, but the fact that you can stop and turn your heart heavenward and find something in all this to be thankful for is such wonderful testimony. Absolutely, hope is a gift we are given each and every day, and faith, the other half of that, is also ours for the asking. God has blessings in store for you! Keep believing!

  • At 2/17/2007 11:18 AM, Blogger Denise

    Thanks for having a grateful heart, bless you always.

  • At 2/17/2007 3:30 PM, Blogger Liza's Eyeview

    Amen. Thanl you Lord for the hope you give. Blessings to you viamare

  • At 2/18/2007 2:21 AM, Anonymous eph2810

    Viamarie - what a wonderful thankful post. Hope is sometimes all we can hold on to. I am praying for the turmoil of your work will be resolved soon.

    Thank you for sharing your thankfulness with us...

    Blessings on your weekend and always.